Sunday, January 22, 2006

Change of Heart

Change of Heart

Quote: Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.
Author: Albert Camus
Photographer: Dheepak Ra

I am sure this quote might strike a chord with quite a lot of people. Though I am not ready to stake a stand on that issue.

Coming back to the snap, it was shot during the bangalore get together with Ashok. During our school days, I vividly remember him able to bend all his fingers till the very end. Myself, Geetha and Ashok were waiting in coffee shop for others to join us, when this was taken.

Look at the stains in the desk - may be I should have asked him to pose elsewhere. As some of you might have noticed, I hate flash. Partly bcoz my camera has a very poor flash lux and even more so bcoz I didnt have reflectors to avoid harsh lighting. Anyway at that time I was shooting anything and everything - so didnt have the time to concentrate on any one shot.

Wonder how many of you have the dexterity like this guy? Atleast my finger doesnt go back more than 45 degrees.

- Dheepak Ra


Blogger sophie said...


1/22/2006 3:21 AM  
Blogger localhost said...

amazing! boneless wonder :-)

1/22/2006 10:40 AM  
Anonymous larry said...


1/22/2006 6:31 PM  
Blogger Baejaar said...

Sophi, I wish it was perfect. Though it isnt.

Abcd, you remind me only about domain names. The very first time when I set up a cluster, the hostnames were "" and "" Though I got some comments regarding non-adherance to quality process and naming conventions etc, I still have maintained the same name till this day :-)
I really dont have any clue as to how is joint is so flexible except that he does it from childhood.

Thanks a lot larry.

1/22/2006 8:10 PM  
Blogger enigma said...

Thanks! for visiting my Blog.
This is something amazing... the minute I saw the snap, i tried it with my lil finger....mine just stops at 90 degrees :(
nice one here

1/23/2006 3:20 AM  
Blogger localhost said...

well! 'abcd' is a small acronym i devised for my not-so-big name!...If you set up clusters with this naming convention, how did you remember the combinations?!

1/23/2006 9:04 AM  
Blogger anubhav said...

I can do that...damm!i dont have a digi..but i can manage only the little finger i have seen people who just abt manage all the fingers together...

depends on how soft your hands..

kinda smirking after reading all those compliments..

1/23/2006 10:15 AM  
Blogger Baejaar said...

once configured only the resource manager needs to worry about the cluster node details. After all Grid is all about virtualization of resources.
I dont think abcd stands for american born confused desi. So wondering what it is.

Anubhav, You are supple. Why dont we think of some use for it?

1/23/2006 8:56 PM  
Blogger Rangakrishnan Srinivasan said...

welcome back.... :) missed ur blog for quite some time.

meanwhile, got inspired by your blog and a few others to get my own photoblog rolling. :)


1/23/2006 11:41 PM  
Blogger localhost said...

Yup! I'm not 'ABCD' i'm abcd!!! anyways, what's in a name?!! baejaar kooda nalla peru dhaan :-)

1/24/2006 7:27 AM  
Anonymous Abi said...

A good photograph!!! Although I will not agree with "bending fingers being a symbol of dexterity" and to take it a little further... Ashok and dexterity, the two are rather far apart!!!

1/24/2006 10:55 AM  
Blogger Baejaar said...

Ranga, nice to hear abt your blog.

abcd, i never realized it was case sensitive. neway i will watch out in future.

Abi, I was always under that impression. Neway you are the best judge. Though i wud luv to hear from ashok regarding this.

1/24/2006 11:27 PM  
Blogger vashok said...

I only wish I had as much dexterity and flexibility in my intellectual conscience as is in evidence on my fingers...

As for me and dexterity being poles apart...Well, what can I say when in reality i am quite unable to perform two different activities at the same time however trivial they are...As an example I find it impossible to listen to a conversation if I am cooking !!! (Even if its only the vegetables that are boiling and am in reality doing nothing:)

1/25/2006 8:41 AM  
Blogger Srini said...

I can do this on AdobePS...not with my finger, Whoz finger is it anyway?

1/25/2006 11:38 PM  
Blogger Baejaar said...

No wonder we guys are better chefs ;-) May be should term that as beautiful concentration rather than lack of dexterity or multitasking.

The fingers in the snap are the same one which typed the comment above yours.

1/26/2006 5:32 AM  

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