Monday, March 14, 2005

Pin your thoughts


Cast: Colleague's Stapler
Photographer: Dheepak Ra
Quote: Dheepak Ra

Just trying my hand at some Macros. Instead of choreographing a quote, I took the snap and I tried to compose a quote. Unfortunately I couldnt stop myself and it grew to the size of a poem. Finally I didnt have any choice but to cut it down to just a few lines.

- Dheepak Ra


Blogger Vaish said...

Hey there! What sort fo camera do you use?

3/16/2005 4:51 AM  
Blogger Baejaar said...

I am fiddling with C370 from Olympus. Its just a decent 3MP with 3X optical zoom. I would love manually adjustable focus, aperture and shutters. But those are deffered till I upgrade my camera, a few years down the line. Yet to read the manual and I am afraid it shows.

3/16/2005 10:35 AM  

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